This is still very much a work in progress, but here goes.


We try to do school every weekday except Wednesdays from 8-11 a.m., with a recess included.  Lately, we’ve been making a list of our subjects on the whiteboard and simply crossing them off as we do them.  Mustard Seed chooses to math first lately “because I don’t like it” (which is funny because until last month, she always wanted to do it first “because it’s my favorite”).  I try to get math, a phonics lesson, and a 2-page spread from Handwriting Without Tears out of the way first, so I know we’ve got our 3 Rs done.  Then we do Spelling Power and Grammar, then Science or History.  Because I am working one day a week, we try to get in a bit more the other days to make up.

One of the best purchases I have made has been a digital timer ($10, Wal-Mart).  It’s easy for Mustard Seed, being very young, to understand how much time she has left and to program it herself.  A strategy I have is to set the timer for 15 minutes for everything but Science and History.  Surprisingly, this is usually more than enough time for us to get our work done for the day.  It isn’t unusual for Mustard Seed to get 2 math lessons done in that time, or frequently, she can get the lesson done and then we use the rest of the time drilling facts.  When we set the timer, we may go over 15 minutes, but it seems to keep her less distracted and lets her know that yes, this will end.


By the time school is done, we are good and hungry, so it’s lunch time.  We usually heat up leftovers or I make turkey hummus sandwiches or something simple.


After that, I’m trying to institute an hour of housekeeping time, where we focus on one area of the house each day and get general pick-up and daily cleaning tasks done.  Mustard Seed actually loves doing some tasks around the house, but she HATES doing housecleaning alone, so instead of having “You do your room while I do mine,” one day we focus on my stuff and another day on hers.


We have an extracurricular activity one afternoon a week, and Fridays we alternate between American Heritage Girls and co-op.  Co-op takes the place of one History or Science class that week.


In the evenings, we eat later than some because we like to be able to eat as a family.  After that, it’s off to get Mustard Seed ready for bed and then have a long session of bedtime reading/chatting.

Wow!  When I put it down on paper, it just seems so…regular.  In reality, it is less like that, but this is the goal, anyway.


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