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6 Dec

Because the experts say that you probably won’t read what I write unless it comes with an image, I’m including this totally unrelated but very cute (if I may say so) photo of Mustard Seed on a field trip we took to a farm recently.

Oh, my goodness!  I have not posted for so long.  I was full of good intentions last time when I blogged about the Use Watcha Got Challenge, fully meaning to show you some great things I’d accomplished with stuff I already had.  Life happened, however, and now it’s time to catch you up.

First of all, I did actually do something for the challenge.  I finished an adorable little dress that I’d been working on for Mustard Seed for a year and a half.  That’s the good news; the bad news is she’s now too big for it!  About that same time, I used some pink flannel I bought when expecting Mustard Seed to make a blanket and some burp cloths for my new, super-adorable baby cousin.  I plan to continue in the crafts department by completing a gift I never finished knitting for Christmas last year.  This did require the purchase of one more skein of yarn, however, but we can make that count, can’t we?

I’ve been working on another “front” of my life, so to speak: namely, the health front.  It was about this time last year when I was in a pretty regular habit walking with Jackie of Week by Week while our girls took a class together.  I then decided to begin a Couch to 5K program (C25K).  This did not work out so well, since by the second full week, I was working on some major shin splints.  When the pain was bad enough that I had to lie down on the bench at the park and rest my legs before walking the short distance back to my car, I figured we had passed from plain old newbie suffering on to some sort of warning signal from my body.

The shins felt better after several weeks, but I sort of fell off the horse and was worried that maybe running was just not for me. Lately though, I’ve been getting all these Facebook feeds from Ren over at Ren Does Life.  I knew she had gotten very into yoga a few years ago and lost a lot of weight, but now all she does is talk about her progress on C25K.  Her attitude is so upbeat.  She’s just plugging away at the program, and she says now she’s actually *enjoying* running.  I want to enjoy running.  And yeah, I want to look good.  But mostly, I want to be healthy.  In a future post, maybe I’ll discuss some of my thoughts about fitness, but for now, the point is that I’m giving C25K another chance—this time with some running shoes that fit me better and taking things a bit slower.  Feel free to hold me accountable.

This is totally unrelated, but we also just got a new living room sectional sofa.  SO. EXCITED.  And guess what?!  Bonus: it’s not from Ikea!  (I love Ikea, but it was looking a lot like one of their showrooms in our house.)  The Headmaster is very design-savvy and is one of those husbands who wants to be in on all the decorating decisions.  He and I are working on a scheme to beautify the living room.  This is very exciting to me!

If, after me not posting for two months, you are still paying attention, thanks.  I’ve made a decision about this blog that with all the things I have going on (homeschool, extracurricular activities, work, keeping house, exercise, church and family), I will have to update as I’m able and when I’m in the mood.  I’m going to try to look at it as a public journal that is helpful to me and that others might get something out of, rather than imposing an obligation on myself to unfailingly do it on a regular basis just because I think someone might be expecting me to.  When I ask myself what my calling is, what my duties are, how I can best be a steward (stewardess?) of my time, the relative importance of an activity like this comes into perspective.  No offense, but there are, like, at least ten things that beat out a blog.  If I have some “life” to share with you, I will, but I need to make sure I’m staying genuine and truly living my life, not just talking about it.  It’s comforting to know that most of the people who cared enough to read in the first place are the ones who understand that and will still be around.