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For the love of Trapper-Keepers

17 Aug

We wrapped up a lovely time in Colombia the week before last.  What with packing, last-minute visits, and then Vacation Bible School and such upon returning, I haven’t had the time (or, honestly, the motivation) to put up more Colombia posts.  I’m in a different brain space, the space of getting ready for the school year.

We’ll be starting “school” on Monday.  Tapestry of Grace runs in four 9-week units, and in order to finish up Unit 2 by just before Christmas, we’ll need to start now.  I’ve been getting the school room ready with a fresh coat of paint, a new futon for reading/snuggling on and removing the queen-sized bed that was in there and was inexplicably sapping my energy, leading to way too much napping.  Except for a few hours of being on the brink of tears over my lack of talent in the realm of design, I’m pleased with the results and will posts photos when it’s all done.

We also got to go supply shopping: binders, paintbrushes, crayons, dry erase markers and more.  (Is it wrong for me to love school and office supplies the way I do?)  I spent Friday afternoon trekking all around town to get a used MapAids CD to go with Tapestry of Grace and a used set of Math U See books.  After losing a bid on E-bay, I’m still out the blocks, though.  I got to watch the first lesson of the DVD last night and feel like Mustard Seed and I will both be happy with this purchase.

Last year, it seemed like some of our school activities got derailed as a result of not having on hand the supplies we needed.  I’m wondering, what kind of supplies do you like to keep in stock at you house?