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Summer Plans

5 Jun

The cosmos, Mexican hats, and red clover are blooming along all the roads.  The grass is getting tall.  The swimming pools are opening up all over town.  It’s summer again.

Mustard Seed’s away-from-home classes ended last week, so that has also put somewhat of a punctuation mark to our school year, even though we will school a little bit throughout the summer.  I’m slightly giddy with the feeling of a clean slate that comes with any new beginning.  Maybe now I can sew her summer wardrobe, go thrift shopping guilt-free, take advantage of the free matinees at the movie theaters, finish my knitting projects, and bake bread.

In fact, I’ve got a whole list of activities planned.  Would you like to see it?  Maybe that can be arranged.

But I suspect that as a homeschooling mom, I’m looking at summer more like a teacher than like other parents.  Remember that fable about the ant who slaved away all summer and the grasshopper who frittered his time away?  Well, fortunately I don’t have to dry, can and salt food for the winter…unless I just want to.  But the use of time is also a bit like that, isn’t it?  Yes, summer is a time to take a breather, but I’m also looking at it as time to prepare and get the classroom ready for next year.  And when your classroom is home, your job is bigger than simply setting up one room and being done with it.

For homeschoolers, a smoothly operating home is important to a smoothly operating school.  Disorganization in one area of the house easily leads to disorganization in another.  For example, when the pantry and cabinets are a mess, making meals is not as easy or enjoyable.  That leads to money spent eating out instead, perhaps postponing meals until people are grumpy, or feeding simple but junky food.  All that can really do a number on how kids pay attention to their studies.

Right now, the office is the worst room in our house.  It’s housing all the things I need to sell on Craigslist or give away, but if that weren’t there, it would be much easier to find the books I need for lesson planning and to file the bills that litter the floor.  Come fall, when we are schooling half the day and I’m working the other half (God willing), do you think I will have time to undertake major organizing projects?  Does any homeschooling mom you know seriously have time for spring cleaning?  There’s no time like the present.  No time like summer.

I’ll also be planning our specific daily tasks for Tapestry of Grace and our other texts, making up my library lists, and planning for a mini-coop we’ll be participating in.  I know, these plans don’t sound very romantic.  (All the romance is included on the bucket list.  You’ll see.)  But the goal of making a little extra effort now is that schooling during the year be much easier.  Everything will be planned.  The space and materials will be ready, inasmuch as they can be.  All I have to do is execute.

Do you have summer plans?  Do you continue schooling or take a break?  What do you do to get ready for the coming year?